Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's That Time of the Month.

No, not that time, silly. It's Cewing Time! And we are planning on making aprons! Don't be intimidated, okay? (That's what I keep telling myself...). Our fearless leader will be there to guide us.
This is a woman who knows how to sew people.
There are basically 3 ways to accomplish this whole apron deal.
1.) go to walmart and get a kit that comes with the necessary fabric and the pattern. (turns out joann's does NOT carry the kit in their stores.)
2.) choose the hard way or
3.) obtain a pattern of the internet or buy one at your sewing store of choice and then find the kind of fabric you want and wa-la.

a word about the hard way: i am going to try to make my own pattern using hannah's anthropologie apron...this is not the easy way, but let's be honest, that's just how i roll.

also, if you wanted to pick out a pattern at joann's or the sewing place in maitland, the store peeps should be able to help you to then get enough fabric/thread/etc. to make whatever it was that you had in mind. the pattern envelope will tell you exactly what you need in order to make it...and then mary will graciously help us from there...

so, let's review:
1.) tuesday, march 1st is the next cewing circle. 7:30pm
2.) we are working on aprons, so choose your method above.
3.) get your hiney to the store to get the necessary supplies
4.) be there or square on tuesday.

Capiche? (Get it (in Italian)?) Good. :)

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