Thursday, February 24, 2011

Double Duty.

This week, I am gonna do 2 little participatory deals at once:
Now that feels productive. And happy. And a little happiness and productivity goes along way in my world...

Recently, I had the privilege of shooting one of my bestie's family portraits. That was fun enough itself. And let's be honest, I am in love with my camera and all things photography. So, embracing it is as easy as breathing. Usually I am in the embrace pic, but this week I was behind the lens watching Selah with Amy and company.

She thinks that she is part of their family. :)
If she knew what bff's were, I am pretty sure these 2
would be at the top of her list.
Oh the sweetness.
Which brings me to my thankful Thursday sentiments:
1.) Oh, how grateful I am to have such WONDERFUL friends who treat my daughter like their own and take such good care of her. Seriously, I would be lost without them.
2.) On a much less sentimental note, I am thankful for anything chocolate that is stuffed with Reese's peanut butter. My mom sent me a six pack for Valentine's Day. And it's better than any beer. Ever.
3.) I went dancing the other day. What? Yeah. Dancing. Like at a club. And oh, was it ever an experience. $12 drinks and strangers with no boundaries. But, it was FUN. Much needed FUN. And I even wore jeggings for the special occasion. Though I have to say that they seemed like a chastity belt compared to the way that some of these women were dressed. You know those stores that you drive past sometimes with all kinds of skanky, skin tight, scantily draped clothing and you think to yourself, who wears this stuff?! Well, the people at Blue Martini do.
But, not us. We were just some normal girls with clothes on out to have some good old fashioned fun. And when you team up for that, you can beat off any random men that try to work their way in to your safe circle. Promise.
The Dancing Queens
4.) Bargains. This past week, I purchased these babies from Target.
For $7.48. I've had my eye on them for quite a while now, but $29.99 was a little too steep for my money/gift-card hoarding self to bare. But, $8!?! Score.
5.) And lastly, I wanna send a shout out to my sweet little lady. Her spunk rocks my world.


~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

What cute photos you have. And I am a huge chocolate peanut butter fan. I would take that over flowers anyday. Ha!

Liz said...

I got those same shoes in black during the back to school sale at Target. They rock!

black tag diaries said...

oh where to begin on this post... 1) i'm insanely jealous of those top pics... don't you just adore that family? those photos are precious. 2) i LOVE that you guys went dancing... at a CLUB. LOVE.IT. 3) must get those shoes... thanks a lot. and 4) definitely need a TT button... totally working on it. thanks for linking up this week!!

Demetrius and Amy said...

dang i feel super special right now! i love the one of the three musketeers at the fountain. they are all wearing their signature facial expression:)

so thankful for you...and selah. and i LOVE those reese's things and i just purchased my first official pair of converse shoes. unfortunately they were not < %8. can't wait to show ya!

thanks again for the precious pictures. you are the bestest.

Demetrius and Amy said...

$8 or %8. same thang.