Monday, January 31, 2011

Wait. What?

Recently, I was in Winter Park shooting a typical senior portrait session. We heard something weird and noticed off in the distance a car swimming in a lake. WTF? (that means what the frick, for those of you that think I would be so worldly as to use code for the f bomb. :) )
Back to my story. The car in the lake.
Looked a little something like this.

What the crap? I did a double, and a triple take. And still, it did not register. What the heck is a car doing in a lake? The guy wasn't panicking or flailing his arms like I would be if it weren't on purpose. And then he drove the thing right up out of the water. And parked it like a normal car.
Meet "Amphicar."

We approached the man, surely like every other non-social phobic person that has ever seen this occur. He was such a peach that he offered to take my graduating client on an adventure. Since I was being paid to capture his image, I opted out of the boat trip. (Dang it!) But, I was able to photograph the whole experience.

Hey normal car! Careful by that there water!
Looks like we are at a theme park.
I will never be able to offer a cooler portrait session
to a senior boy ever. Look at him in the passenger seat!
The owner of the amphicar might like the attention. Maybe.
Almost done.
This goes down in the history of me as one of the most interesting things I have ever witnessed. So glad I had my camera! All hail the Amphicar. Oh wait. It's German. Shouldn't say it like that. Um....thanks for the experience Amph. :)

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