Thursday, February 17, 2011

Embracing little tiny chicks and ducks. And the now. Before it's gone.

It's official. My child plays hard to get with the camera.
Case in point: our recent trip to the Petting Farm.

"Oh. Me? What?...I can't hear you. You want me to look away from the camera?"
"This amazing giant tractor? Emmm. It's alright. I guess."
"Wait, did you want me to frown when the camera is pointed my direction Mom? Cause this chick is just really depressing me."
"And this pony is kinda overrated."

But really, who can get frustrated with this precious little creature for more than a second?
It's not all about the pre-empted smiles and attentiveness to what mom wants after all.
Even if she wants to be a rockin' photographer.

And...if Momma is patient, sometimes I can be caught at just the right moment...
and my joy is captured.

It's worth hanging in there, cause those moments are the bomb.
"I'm already 2 and a half Mom. Soak it all in because soon,
it won't be cool for me to act like you are my favorite."

OK. Now it's your turn to get all mushy smoosh.


~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

How fun! Great pictures!

pakosta said...

fun and adorable pix esp. that last shot!

Heidi said...

love your humor it's all so true trying to capture your priceless shot it's impossible sometimes.. she is just precious .. thanks for making me chuckle